Work is too fun!


Ended my work with a a fun day at the races and even enjoyed a live reggae show by steel pulse. Skybox, sunset, live music 🙂 good day.


Now to the new day with funky veggies



Come on Winning Horse!


Who's coming with me!!?

Day at the races will be here before I know it! Less then 24 hours from now I will be in a sky-box; hopefully betting on the winning horse! Beginners luck? Who needs that when they have intuition!!?  If only more people knew how to pay attention and listen to their intuition.. No, it’s NOT some some crazy voice in your head, it is your subconscious self telling you what’s up. We are very smart creatures, so much to learn, so little time…. Another day of good spirits and pure happiness.. 😉 

All fancy'd up


Home Sweet Home


California is treating me well! 

My job couldn’t be better, the view of downtown from my back yard couldn’t be better and the amazing people in my life couldn’t be better! Last year was one of the worse years in my life besides the losing of my family years ago. The pain and misery from last year is merely a fading shadow in the distance. My life has never been more positive and in the flow the way it is now. I am open to receive blessings and growing into the new woman that I always dreamed of being. i am just writing from my heart and not really thinking about what words I am typing right now. The key to happiness is to not worry and just let life unfold. A new journey has begun…..

Getting ready for Cali


So my adventures to Cali only made me want to go back! So I am moving!! This will make 11 states to live in! I’m heading out this weekend to go interview with 6 other franchises within the company I already work for. I have a feeling San Diego will be my last home, hopefully. Life is surely shinning now! I’ve moved out of our house and am making a huge jump and getting out of this state.. So much better when I’m happy! Let the adventure begin.. I will start writing more 🙂

I’ve lost count


Why do I let him hold me back? What did he ever do to deserve me holding on? Lies, cheating, trickery, hiding things, talking to other women, none of these things deserve a good woman to hold on. I want the past to stop haunting me! Living in our house while he is away is not healthy. I must move out and get on with my life! I have never in my life had such a hard time getting over something. In the past I was able to get out a relationship and jump right into something new. Not with this one! I can’t keep him off of my mind long enough to even allow someone to take me on a date!~ But on a good note, the trip to San Diego was a blast! My girlfriend and I just got out of bad relationships and it was a get away we both needed very much. DSC_0113DSC_0273

Thor has a girl friend



We are seaside, the nail salon is small and not the best I’ve been to. Sunset will be in an hour and a half. The Rita’s are kicking in. Good thing we have a dd. Always play it safe! Come to find out this little Asian girl is doing an amazing job on my toes! Maybe new age is the way to go. It feels weird to be in Southern California. The moisture in the air makes me realize how miserable I am living in Albuquerque. So dry and brown. I am surprised I’ve lived someone so ugly for this long. I mean if I had a wonderful husband that was forced to live here, I think I would learn to like it. No loving husband so my time in ABQ is expiring I do believe. The energy there is awful. It’s just not a good feel living there. There are so many places you can live with beautiful scenery and nature. I am not sure where my next stop will be, but I can not stay where I am.

Cup a tea?



My little cute section on my desk at work. Next  I will be making a fake window that looks like I have an awesome ocean front view while sitting here in the middle of the desert, boo...

A hot cup of raspberry Zinger helps anything from a broken heart to a sore throat 🙂 Laryngitis,, that’s for the birds.. Consume as much chicken soup, hot tea, Chloraseptic  spray and possibly even some codeine cough syrup, just for fun. (if you are reading this, no I will not get into your cough syrup, or will I ? ) SNEAKY ,….. Note to self,, fill it up with some water, he will never know the difference. That stuff taste like expired licorice watered down or not… So much to do, so little time. We are going to be doing cross fit and yoga beach-side.. I am so excited to go on a BIG GIRL vacation. I have grown up so much and the whole clubbing scene is soooo overrated. My ideal vacation for this trip will be ,, a trip to the San Diego Zoo, running on the beach, yoga on the beach, lots of whining and dining.  I will be posting daily updates..