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You never know what to expect!

A spin off?


We spin as the world spins. Don’t spin too quickly and don’t spend to much time worrying about not spinning.. What?! My head is now spinning trying to make since of this random thought that just came to my spinning mind. On a side note, I will be spending the day at the race track again. Hopefully I won’t spend too much to make a little. Spin on my friends. Round and round we go.


Some pursue happiness, others create it


To do or not to do

You ever catch yourself asking questions like “What am I doing here?” or “Why am I doing this to myself?” ?  The the funny part about it is we are doing it to ourselves so why ask? It’s not like someone else can change it for us!  We have the power to walk away from any  situation and when we don’t there should be no frustration or stress. Bottom line if you want to not stress about your situation, change it! So many times people stay in toxic relationships and then get depressed and want people to feel sorry for them, no sympathy here. It’s your life, it’s your book, you are the author so change the story. Make it a happy ending.