I find it funny now looking back… 

It’s all quite interesting when I take a look at how pathetic I sounded 2 years ago going through that stupid breakup with just another person I crossed paths. I can guarantee myself and everyone reading this, I WILL NOT EVER BE SO DISCONTENT FROM A BREAKUP- EVER! Life is too damn short! Life is too damn GOOD! Life is Life and you know what, make it shine, make it happy, make it amazing.. You are in control. You are the author, you have the pen, write that shit the way you want it. It’s really that simple, it really is. When you begin feeling sad or depressed stop and think about what thought you are having and be aware of the emotion it is making you feel. You can change that thought, say “I am in control on my thoughts” “I can think whatever I want to think” “I am in control of what emotion I want to feel”, Think about what makes you smile,,, there’s something that made you smile or will make you smile. Maybe it’s how silly you looked when you woke up, maybe it was that funny thing your pet did and you laughed, maybe it’s the simple fact that you have a home, a job, means of transportation, surely you are wearing clothes right, be thankful! Some have non of that… I am greater then I was.


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