Home Sweet Home


California is treating me well! 

My job couldn’t be better, the view of downtown from my back yard couldn’t be better and the amazing people in my life couldn’t be better! Last year was one of the worse years in my life besides the losing of my family years ago. The pain and misery from last year is merely a fading shadow in the distance. My life has never been more positive and in the flow the way it is now. I am open to receive blessings and growing into the new woman that I always dreamed of being. i am just writing from my heart and not really thinking about what words I am typing right now. The key to happiness is to not worry and just let life unfold. A new journey has begun…..


About Tiffany

I am a very expressive girl who really enjoys writing my thoughts down. I am not a writer, nor do I try to be. I am definitely not some English major so some criticism is expected and I am okay with that.

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