Thor has a girl friend



We are seaside, the nail salon is small and not the best I’ve been to. Sunset will be in an hour and a half. The Rita’s are kicking in. Good thing we have a dd. Always play it safe! Come to find out this little Asian girl is doing an amazing job on my toes! Maybe new age is the way to go. It feels weird to be in Southern California. The moisture in the air makes me realize how miserable I am living in Albuquerque. So dry and brown. I am surprised I’ve lived someone so ugly for this long. I mean if I had a wonderful husband that was forced to live here, I think I would learn to like it. No loving husband so my time in ABQ is expiring I do believe. The energy there is awful. It’s just not a good feel living there. There are so many places you can live with beautiful scenery and nature. I am not sure where my next stop will be, but I can not stay where I am.


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