Cup a tea?



My little cute section on my desk at work. Next  I will be making a fake window that looks like I have an awesome ocean front view while sitting here in the middle of the desert, boo...

A hot cup of raspberry Zinger helps anything from a broken heart to a sore throat 🙂 Laryngitis,, that’s for the birds.. Consume as much chicken soup, hot tea, Chloraseptic  spray and possibly even some codeine cough syrup, just for fun. (if you are reading this, no I will not get into your cough syrup, or will I ? ) SNEAKY ,….. Note to self,, fill it up with some water, he will never know the difference. That stuff taste like expired licorice watered down or not… So much to do, so little time. We are going to be doing cross fit and yoga beach-side.. I am so excited to go on a BIG GIRL vacation. I have grown up so much and the whole clubbing scene is soooo overrated. My ideal vacation for this trip will be ,, a trip to the San Diego Zoo, running on the beach, yoga on the beach, lots of whining and dining.  I will be posting daily updates..


About Tiffany

I am a very expressive girl who really enjoys writing my thoughts down. I am not a writer, nor do I try to be. I am definitely not some English major so some criticism is expected and I am okay with that.

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