One Week Down


Shocked and quite satisfied at the fact I am up to a 3 mile run without slowing down a bit. I can’t recall it ever being so easy! I believe the determination to have a wicked hard body and to show “him” what he screwed up is making it that much easier. The sleep isn’t getting better, but that may be due to the sauna I have to sleep in upstairs. How do people sleep in those conditions? I’ll tell you! Not great at all!  I can’t breath and I damn sure don’t understand how Thor can stay cuddled up to me under the covered in that unavoidable heat! Okay let’s move on from that, I am alive and made it to work so I guess one can survive it! Bringing bagels to clients when trying to avoid bread, not a good idea! It was like being in a fresh bakery with my jaw wired shut! Life’s just not fair sometimes…So the snowboarding is still on for Saturday. Hopefully I won’t be posting any photos of me all bruised up like Rhianna. As more time passes work seems to be getting a little easier as well. It’s hard to go out and market to poeple when you have a fake smile on your face. I am not good at faking things. I’m sure even with a big smile on my face people can see and feel the emptiness inside me…. it will get better in time, I know. I do play it off well but damn it’s not easy..   It seems to be getting easier and harder at the same time, like in intervals,kind of like a roller coaster, lets just enjoy it! Image


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