Day 5


Is it Monday already?! Boo… No usual wake up 100 times routine last night! Ya! Maybe it had something to do with Thor and I going to visit “him” yesterday. It was a surprisingly nice visit. Thor got to see his Daddy and I got to catch up on all my DVR.. I think being friends will be the easiest way though this. I mean I did lose my best friend, not just my significant other. We are supposed to go snowboarding this weekend, we will see if he holds up to that promise. That was one of the promises that were never made. It’s sad, we have been living in new Mexico since April and barely did anything outside of going to the gym and playing call of duty! Of course now that I am gone he feels like just sitting around the house and playing COD is boring! Hello! Why couldn’t he figure that out while we were together!?! Why does it take leaving someone for them to wake up?!  Well I am all ready to go boarding, lets see about him?! Image


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