Day 4


So I baked some chicken legs last night and all I could think about this morning was devouring one for breakfast. So I ran down stairs and was so excited to get this leg into my mouth I didn’t even heat it up!! It was delicious. Such a strange craving for me for breakfast. I mean I can understand if I had spaghetti in there or some left over Asian something but a freaking chicken leg?! New one for me!!? Anywho, my sleep is getting better, I only woke up once. I remember my dream being so interesting I should have written it down! Having Thor as a cuddle buddy sure makes this sleeping alone thing easy. I miss having someone to sleep next to. The thought of a man right now still makes me sick though. Breakups suck! It seems it would be easier to just go back instead of starting all over but it’s just not possible to trust again.. God give me the strength to heal and mend this stupid broken heart of mine …



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