Day 2


photo (5)

20 missed calls from him and a million texts later, I made it another day. Thor doesn’t sleep well, he seems lonely, here is staring out the window with a lost feeling about him. If my pup is taking it this hard, just imagine how I feel! The water pressure sux, the commute to work now sux, I am not liking this! Why is it that when someone is messing up and lying they don’t feel bad about it but as soon as they are caught they turn into a big baby and act like they can’t live without that person that they obviously didn’t care that much about while they were being dishonest. Do people really change?? They say once a cheater always a cheater.. Is that the case here? Can someone really learn from their mistakes and once they have lost everything they wake up and see how bad of a person they are and want to be a different person? Now he is willing to go to counseling  and change his number!~Why did it take being dishonest and me leaving for him to open his eyes? Is he just saying all these things now because he got caught and didn’t win at his little game? Is he really wanting to change? Does he just miss having someone that’s there for him every minute of the day? I am torn between doing what I feel like is right and deleting him completely out of my life or letting him try to prove it to me. I am not moving back in! I am not getting back with him, I will let him try to prove it to me from a distance.. I’m sure after a few weeks and a few guys nights out along with a few texts to the x he will go right back to his old ways and stop caring again. So let’s see how this first weekend single goes!!!!!


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